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Dr. Michael Lyon Completes a Successful Cross-Country Tour Talking about Research Breakthroughs in Appetite Control & Sustained Weight Loss

 — Thousands of Canadians in 17 different cities across the country turned out to listen to Dr. Michael Lyon during his national lecture tour “Say Good Bye to Fad Diets”. During the lectures, they learned how to sustain healthy weight loss and, even more importantly, how to keep it off.

The well-known author and lecturer in weight loss, diabetes and other related health issues shared breakthrough research in appetite control and metabolic enhancement, as conducted by the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine and his colleagues at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Also at his lectures, which covered seven provinces over a period of four months, Dr. Lyon explained how to gain control over appetite and get rid of unhealthy food cravings; and he explained how to make simple lifestyle changes that result in increased vitality and a slowing of the aging process.

The Canadian Center for Functional Medicine located in Coquitlam, B.C. ( is a patient-centered healthcare facility dedicated to clinical research and education of preventive medicine, nutritional medicine and conventional medicine. Functional medicine is a science-based field of healthcare that addresses the underlying biochemical, physiological, environmental and psychological factors of the individual, so as to facilitate healing and enhance life-long vitality.