Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

Dr. John Gray, PhD

John Gray’s 17th and most astounding book yet, VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE.

With sales already topping an astounding 50 million copies in 45 different languages, one of the world’s best-selling authors of all time, John Gray, brings us another quantum leap toward understanding the role male-female relationships play in stress, energy, health, happiness, hormones, and longevity.

Featuring groundbreaking research and simple, natural solutions for keeping our relationships and our bodies happy, healthy and strong, this book includes numerous examples of and solutions for typical relationship situations that men and women deal with every day.

John Gray shows us how the frustrating differences between men and women can actually be used to make our love life, our sexual relationships and our bodies stronger and more vibrant for a lifetime. Gray details small lifestyle changes – “superfoods, superexercise, and supersleep” – that can quickly and simply reduce stress and stimulate the healthy hormones of love, joy, and vitality.

Book Description

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice provides groundbreaking insight into the unique ways that each gender deals with stress and how these stress hormones affect our health. John Gray expertly describes the importance of “superfoods” and their role in reducing stress, replenishing hormones and balancing blood sugar. Achieving hormonal balance will not only improve our relationships but give us the strength and energy to cope with the challenges of our modern lifestyles. More »